Welcome to the Orthentik experience. 

Orthentik showcases the work of producer Stuart Eaton, living in Manchester UK, the vibrancy of the city supports the creation of great music. As we have seen from numerous other acts to come from the city. 

At the moment Stuart is concentrating on developing a large body of music for the Orthentik project and working on a new live set. 

Stuart has been producing music for around 30 years, starting off selling home made hip hop material in school. The music was produced using and old four track machine and probably sounded awful!! 

The Orthentik sounds are made using Logic Pro X and a number of plugins including Native Instruments and Toontrack. 

Stuart has also played a number of live events at larger venues when producing vocal music, he also had a well received Deep House track released on a number of compilation albums. 

Live work is the goal for the next six months with a new set being produced for the festivals next year. 

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